Friday, April 16, 2010


Alriiiiight. Gonna be doin a bit of complaining here -- just warnin' ya in case you want to skedaddle before I start in... Ok, then, on your own head be it.
I have fallen ill with the worst case of baby fever imaginable. I have a few friends with kids, and every time they post pictures on facebook, I just turn into this big ball of mush... And then I start getting the "Omgz I want a baby!" thoughts and the sad/empty womb pangs. It's attractive. I tried talking to my boyfriend about it, but the only thing it does is freak him out. Yeah, I gotta find a hobby.

Speaking of the Boy, I was pretty miffed at him earlier. Maybe I'm a little too sensitive, but I think it's kind of lame when your boyfriend kicks you out to watch a TV show. I mean, you have DVR, son! >:-[ And, he didn't kick me out per se, but he said "we can do whatever you want. Just not ____, ______, _____, etc." Great. So watch your show or leave, is that it? Reallll cool. Am I wrong to be slightly pissed at that? I don't know. I was regardless, though haha.

Oh, and my ovaries hurt. Damn PCOS.

I gotta work out, but I'm a real lazy ass, honestly. I need a gym buddy.

Goddamn, this is turning into a list, huh? I should stop now. I swear, I'll blog about something meaningful quite soon. I just had to vent juuust a bit here. 

That's all, folks<3

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