Sunday, September 26, 2010

It happened.
Such a mistake against odds so great, you would think this is meant to be.
But I'm up against a wall with the whole world against me. Us.
At first I was scared. And now I've fallen in a hole so deep, I don't know if I can ever climb out.
I cry day in, day out, and even though I know I cannot keep her, I'm still happy she's with me.
I wish I was brave enough go it on my own. I wish I wasn't given ultimatums. I wish he wouldn't make me have to choose. I wish he would support me. I wish we could all be together. I wish he wouldn't want to leave me. I wish I could do what he wants because I want to. I wish I didn't love him as much as I do, I wish he loved me more.

God, I wish someone could help me.