Yours Truly

Here are things that any of my friends, or even maybe acquaintances, would know:

1. I am a 5'4" chubby brunette.
2. I am 20 years old -- and I still have braces.
3. I've only had one boyfriend, and I'm still with him after 3 years.
4. For 95% of the year, I wear flip flops. The other 5% accounts for my work time.
5. I have a loud, unattractive laugh which has led to my most used nickname "the mad scientist" or "scientist" for short.
6. I'm highly opinionated.
7. People always think I'm Mexican or Samoan, but I'm really half Cambodian and half Flemish. Yet, I speak Spanish, so go figure.

And here are things that only those closest to me may know:

1. I am extremely left-handed.
2. When out and about, I always avoid mirrors and any reflective surfaces. It's what I do.
3. People that don't use their blinkers should be warned: You will feel my wrath.
4. I hate it when books are turned into movies; I think it ruins them. Look at Twilight.
5. I'm a Mario Kart junkie. Fo' realz.
6. I really do try and be funny, but I'm just not a funny person. So yeah. Fail.
7. I'm very independent, and I like to take the initiative. Ex: Broke something? Fix that shit! Don't know how? Google that shit!

Can I get an amen?

But yes. I am just a n00b on the internetz who tries to blog about her life in hopefully an open, honest, and somewhat witty way, but obviously fails dismally on all accounts. I'm the grammar Nazi who makes a ton of grammar mistakes of her own and is guilty of typing the lazy ass way on AIM all the time. I go to my local city college, not because I'm dumb, but because I'm po' and because why spend the money when I'm still deciding what I want to do with my life? Amen! My dream career would be to be the lead singer of a kick-ass band, but sadly, no one really wants a big girl as a frontwoman. Who knew?

Haha, no worries though. I'll make it out alive.
And, honestly, don't be so surprised. I'll air out my dirty laundry, I don't give a damn.
And, Reader, you can go right ahead as well. Who am I to judge?

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