Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Entry

Reasons Why I Have This Blog:

1. I had to escape a couple followers on my last blog that knew me personally and were close to me. This is my new spot where I can vent, complain, cry, whine, and rejoice on whatever I want without worrying about what so and so would think of me. I don't know any of you other people, and I'm not scared of strangers reading this.

2. You can't hide a physical book-diary from your mother. Eventually she will find it, as my mom has countless times with mine. She is not computer savvy so my secrets are safe on here.

3. I just needed a fresh start. Need I say more?

I'll start using this more often than my other one, for reasons stated above. But, if you came across this little ol' blog and are frustrated by the lack of shtuff, look up my other one: Open Secrets

Happy Reading, ya'll.

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