Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fuck being passionate.

I have to admit: when it comes to civil rights and discrimination -- or, simply put, political issues -- I'm one of those annoying, shove-the-issue-down-your-throat-if-you-disagree-with-me kind of people.

It's something I'm extremely passionate about, albeit irritating to others and, most times, having no effect on me. I'm one of the biggest supporters of gay marriage, legalizing marijuana (even though I've never smoked it), against SB1070, being pro-choice, and saving the environment.

The thing is, I have a hard time splitting myself from the issue, as well as other people. Yeah, that seems confusing, but, for example, if I find out that boyfriend's parents discriminate against homosexuals and don't believe in gay marriage, I basically start hating their guts. Which is actually happening.

Does that make me a bitch?

I have no idea, but, honestly I can't say I care all that much.

Some may say that I'm discriminating against them because of their beliefs just like they're doing. That's a very good point, one that I really can't refute, and it pisses me off that I can't justify my actions this time. But I feel obligated to defend those whom are being... well, not persecuted, but those in the minority, I guess.

It doesn't help that I really couldn't stand the people to begin with, either. I'm sorry, but, honestly, they aren't very nice people, even aside from their beliefs. They're very selfish, and, frankly, it's hard to be nice to someone you've seen treating your boyfriend like shit numerous times. That's not okay with me.

Yet, for my boyfriend's sake, I really need to look at my behavior differently. I may be a crazy activist girl, but I also don't want to further hurt my babe's relationship with his family. He already severed contact with his aunt and uncle because of me (even though he claims otherwise; yet, when they tell him not to get tied up with a girl that looks like me -- chubby, and of mixed race -- and when he says no, they stop talking, I had to assume it was me, right?) and since I'm over at his parents' place all the time, it would be unwise for me to continue what I'm doing.

I just can't swallow my pride on this one. I'm so confused as to what to do.

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  1. Hi girl:)
    Have not visited for a while, but i am glad i did 2 night:)
    You are a great writer....

    Based upon what i just read...i say your own best friend...
    You are the only one that will stay with you for as long as you live...

    If this is important????and i understand if it is...they you aught to stay strong....

    So GO GIRL:)

    Have a nice day -SP


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